Ford OEM Starter Replacement

Ford OEM Starter Replacement

Whether it’s two times, three times or some other number, you’re familiar with how your vehicle works when you turn the key. When the number of times your engine turns over before it starts increases, you may be quick to blame it on chilly weather or another factor, but this can be a sign that your starter’s functionality is waning.

If things have gotten worse, you may find that your starter motor keeps going even after the engine has turned on. You may also hear a grinding noise when you turn your key or smell smoke. These are all symptoms of a failing starter.

What Does the Starter Do?

Unless you’re driving a Model T (in which case, excellent choice by the way!), chances are you haven’t had to get out and manually crank your engine to start the car. You have your starter to thank for this. The starter works by using electricity to kick-start your engine’s four-stroke ignition process.

When you turn your key and hear the whirr-whirr-whirr-whirr sound, what you’re hearing is the powerful gear inside the starter drawing power from the battery and turning the crankshaft on your engine. Because the engine is designed for maximum efficiency, the turning crankshaft works to operate timing, air flow and other important components.

It just needs a kick-start.

Once the engine begins to fire and combust, it takes over and turns the crankshaft through the natural combustion process.

Ford OEM Starters For Sale

You can see how far-reaching it can be for a starter to fail. Your car simply won’t start, and since most manufacturers (Ford included) don’t include a manual crank to override the process, if your starter is not functioning, you’re stuck.

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Thankfully, the starter is a less expensive replacement than you may think. If you want the maximum value out of your new replacement starter only OEM Ford parts are guaranteed by Ford and manufactured specifically for your Ford car, van or SUV. Because these parts are manufactured for your model specifically, you don’t have to worry about either failure from an imperfect connection or extra labor from trying to get the part to play with your vehicle.

If you’re in the market for a starter for your Ford vehicle, we can help! We’ll help you find the correct component for your unique Ford vehicle. You can see our entire selection of OEM Ford starters by clicking here. For more information on Ford starters, OEM Ford parts or any other questions you may have about Ford parts or servicing, contact us today!