Are Counterfeit Ford Parts Being Sold?

Unfortunately, possibly, there could be counterfeit Ford Parts in the automotive market. This can cause major problems and damaging effects on your Ford vehicle. It's important to understand that Ford Motor Company takes this very seriously and is always looking to find, confiscate and destroy parts that steal the Ford brand, numbers, labels and boxes by placing them on inferior and absolutely unauthorized parts.

How can you be sure you're getting Genuine Ford Parts? By using a site like this and being informed about where exactly your Mechanic or Shop is getting their parts from. Ford Parts Center is an Authorized Ford Parts Dealer and we only offer Parts that are backed by Ford Motor Company. In fact, if you order a part from us and it fails during it's warranty period we stand by it. Simply call us and we'll instruct you how to get your part replaced under the Ford Warranty anywhere in the USA. 

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Fake Ford Parts are not limited to one part either. There have been pitman arms, air filters, vehicle electronics and more confiscated and destroyed. Look at the Air Filter Comparison below. The OEM Ford Filter is made to Ford Motor's axacting standards and specifications. The OEM Ford Filter has a task to remove debris, contaminants and to protect your vehicles intake and engine components from damage. Now look at the Fake Filter....ugh! Made with anything they can fit in the metal cylinder. No standards or quality control. This Filter would leave your Ford engine open to harmful effects and possibly near term engine failure because of it.

OEM Ford Air Filter

Fake Air Filter 

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Source: Ford Motor Company Brand Protection