What is Motorcraft?

Are Motorcraft parts Ford OEM parts?

Are you looking for OEM parts for your Ford but confused by the inclusion of the Motorcraft brand name? Are Motorcraft parts Ford OEM parts? We have your answers right here. We will discuss what Motorcraft makes, what the brand is, and even a little bit of its history.

History of Motorcraft

Originally launched in the 50’s, Motorcraft is the official parts brand of Ford. If you buy a Motorcraft part, then you are buying a true Ford OEM part. Though there was a brief period where Motorcraft wasn’t the official parts brand of Ford, they have always remained a part of Ford and still are today!

What Ford Parts carry the Motorcraft name?

Perhaps the most visible part to carry the Motorcraft name isn’t a part at all, but a lubricant. Motorcraft motor oil can be found nearly anywhere, and it’s the only motor oil that a Ford dealership would and should use during a standard oil change. That’s because Motorcraft motor oil was specially formulated to operate with your Ford. In addition to oil, the Motorcraft name can be found on other common automotive fluids as well including transmission fluid, brake fluid, and more.

Fluid products aren’t the only things to carry the Motorcraft name. The list of Motorcraft parts is long and covers nearly anything that you can find under the hood or in the suspension of your Ford. From shocks to ball joints and starters to fuel pumps, if you need a trusted OEM Ford part, chances are it will carry the Motorcraft name.

In addition to those major parts, the Motorcraft brand is also synonymous with common replacement parts like wiper blades, brakes, spark plugs, batteries, and more. When you trust in a Motorcraft part, you are ensuring that your Ford will operate like it was meant to operate.

Why buy OEM parts over aftermarket?

What is Autolite?

If you have an older Ford, you may have noticed a prevalence of Autolite parts, especially when it comes to your engine’s electrical system. Things like spark plugs and even batteries may carry the Autolite name. This mystery has a solution.

Autolite parts may have been used in the construction of your classic Ford because, for a brief period in the 60’s and early 70’s, Autolite was the official parts brand of Ford. Though the Autolite brand still exists, that relationship does not, so you would be best served by replacing those Autolite parts with genuine Motorcraft parts going forward.