Personal Data Collection

Personal Data
This Request allows consumers to submit a email to:

  • Have personal information collected about you by this site sent to you in a portable or digital format of your choice,
  • Have any personal information collected about you on this site deleted, or
  • Opt out of the sale of personal information collected about you on this site to third parties.

Please select one or more options above and copy them into an email to if you would like to exercise your data rights.

We will reply notifying you of your requests processing.

Any information provided within the email will be used solely for the purposes of responding to your data request and will not be sold or otherwise disclosed for any reason.
We will process and address your data request within 45 days. If a request is sufficiently onerous to address, we may extend that time frame by an additional 45 days, and you will be notified within the initial 45-day period.
There are certain conditions under which we may reject a consumer request. You will receive a notice and explanation if this occurs.