​Ford OEM Air and Cabin Filters

With Spring here and road construction close by, there are a number of pollen, dirt, and dust particles floating around as you drive. Keeping these contaminants away is important for both you and your vehicle’s health. Ford OEM Air Filters can help you in this dust-infested season. 

When should I change the air filter in my car? 

The air filter is what keeps your engine clean. As the filter ages, it becomes less and less effective, which leads to certain problems in your vehicle’s performance, including poor fuel economy, less power in your engine, and the overall potential for your car to break. If you spot any of these symptoms in your car, you may want to get it into the shop. Because of this, you should keep an eye on the air filter. It should be changed about every 30,000 miles in order to keep your vehicle in the best working condition.  

Cabin air filters 

While the air filter helps protect your car’s engine, the cabin filter helps protect you. This is especially important for those who have allergies to things like pollen, but the cabin air filter also keeps out dust, smoke, and mold spores. This will help enable you to a healthy drive full of clean air, no matter how polluted the area you are driving in is. 

So how do you tell when the cabin air filter needs to be replaced? A good sign that you should check your air filter is if there is an unpleasant odor in your car, or if there is a strange noise when you turn on your heat or air conditioning. 

Ford OEM Parts has your back when it comes to air filters. We’d love to help keep your engine and cabin free of potentially harmful contaminants. You can find our collection of air filters by clicking here, and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!