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Ford Parts Center is your one-stop-shop for any replacement car part you need for your Ford vehicle. We sell only genuine OEM Ford parts at unbeatable prices. We not only deal directly to auto shops, but also straight to our customers. Avoid the middleman and purchase the best replacement Ford parts you need at a fraction of the cost. 

If your battery is starting to run out of juice, shop online to find industry-leading replacement batteries. Bring in your own replacement battery and save on your final bill at the local auto shop. 

We ship across the United States, including California, Texas  and Illinois. Find the replacement battery you need by simply entering your VIN in the search bar above. If you’ve been relying on those jumper cables in your trunk to get around, it’s time to order a new Ford battery. Learn more about car batteries and the signs that it’s time for a replacement. 

What Is a Car Battery?

A car battery is a crucial component of your vehicle. It is the source of electricity to power all electrical parts in your car, including your starter. The battery converts chemical into electrical energy. It delivers adequate voltage so your car will start. 

Once your car is running, your battery continues working by stabilizing the voltage from your engine. If your battery is dead, you must rely on another vehicle’s functioning battery to start your vehicle with a pair of jumper cables. Avoid the hassle and replace your battery before it leaves you stranded. 

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

A car battery can be recharged. Once it no longer retains a charge, it’s dead. Like most car parts, how long a battery lasts largely depends on your driving patterns, environment, and particular model. Under ideal conditions, such as a moderate temperature and normal humidity levels, you can expect your battery to last you six years or around 50,000 miles. 

What Are the Signs My Battery Is Dying?

With all car parts, it’s better to replace failing equipment sooner rather than later. There are a number of clear signs that your battery may be on it’s last run. A slow engine crank when you attempt to start the vehicle may indicate your battery is dying. Check for any check engine lights, including your coolant light. You can also look at your battery fluid levels. If your fluids are below the lead plates, you will either need a new battery or a recharge. 

A bloated battery case from excessive heat will also decrease your battery life. Finally, you may start to notice a distinct rotten egg smell permeating from under the hood. This sulfur odor may indicate your battery is leaking which can affect other parts in your vehicle. Always replace your battery as soon as you notice any of these signs. 

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Is it time to replace the battery in your Ford vehicle? If you know the VIN number for your vehicle, simply put it in the search bar above. Otherwise, you can search by year, make, and model to find the parts that will work with your car. Still have questions? Contact our certified parts experts who are always ready to help!