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Ford Parts Center is everyone’s go-to parts dealer in the nation. We not only supply genuine parts to dealerships, but we also sell the best parts directly to customers at a fraction of the price. 

Dealerships stock parts from our vast warehouse, and we wanted to extend our services directly to our customers. Unexpected part replacements, including new air filters, cabin filters, and oil filters can end up costing you a lot of money when you factor auto labor into the bill. 

Purchase your replacement auto parts directly from us to save huge at the service center. We have a large fleet of trucks that deliver customers their parts fast and efficiently. Receive your parts in no time across the country, including California, Texas, and New York. 

If you need new auto filters, we have you covered. Search by your unique VIN, and we’ll filter results for pads that are designed to fit your specific car perfectly. Learn more about what each filter does for your car and when it’s time for a replacement. 

What Is an Air Filter and When Do I Need to Change It?

An air filter is essential to the health of your engine. When your vehicle creates energy from combusting air and gasoline, the air travels through a filter that prevents debris, bugs, and contaminants from entering the engine. As the filter begins to fill up after around 10,000 miles, the air quality will suffer and so will your car’s performance. If you travel on many dusty, rural roads, you may need to change your filter sooner because of excessive filtration. 

You will start to notice the effects of an old air filter when your vehicle doesn’t perform at the same efficiency. Your engine will start to use more fuel to compensate for less air coming through your clogged filter. 

If you check under the hood, you may notice an accumulation of soot on your spark plugs. A lack of air supply due to an old filter will result in burnt fuel leaving the engine. Finally, look at your filter and if it is extremely dark, dusty, and filled with debris, it’s time for a replacement. 

What Is a Cabin Filter and When Is It Time for a Replacement?

A cabin air filter is responsible for cleaning air coming from your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning unit. For drivers and passengers sensitive to allergens, a good filter traps dust, pollen, and airborne contaminants from entering your cabin. Drivers in an urban area usually need to replace their cabin air filter only about every 12,000 miles. If you drive in a dusty area or a high-pollute area, you may need to swap it out sooner. 

When you need a new cabin filter, you will start to notice some aggravating signs. If you crank up the air in your car and there is a reduced amount of air, you may need a new filter. Also, an old filter will start to let in pollutes and bad odors. Order a replacement and get back to a fresh, filtered ride. 

What Is an Oil Filter? When Do I Need to Replace an Old Oil Filter? 

Oil filters remove harmful contaminants from your car engine’s oil. A proper oil filter will help keep your engine oil clean. Once a filter is past its prime, it will start to let unfiltered debris and particles into the surfaces of your engine. Once enough dirty oil is filtered through your engine, internal parts may start to take some unwanted wear and tear. 

Manufactures suggest that drivers change their filter with every oil change, or around every 3,000 miles. If you are dealing with extreme conditions, you may need to change your filter sooner to accommodate the overtime labor. 

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