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Learn More About Replacement Fuel Injectors for Your Ford Vehicle

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Fuel injectors are crucial to the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. They don’t need to be replaced often, but they can end up being a costly repair. Save money at the service shop and find the one you need in our online store. Learn more about why a fuel injector is crucial to the performance of your vehicle, how long they last, and when they need to be replaced.  

What Is A Fuel Injector?

A fuel injector is responsible for introducing fuel to the internal combustion engine. They have many crucial objectives, including fuel efficiency, emissions performance, engine tuning, and power input for your vehicle.

A working fuel injector will deliver consistent transient throttle response and is the glue between many working systems. A car works in conjunction with many working parts and a reliable fuel injector will ensure your vehicle is operating at its full potential. 

How Long Does A Fuel Injector Last?

Fuel injectors can last over 1 billion cycles, so they should last as lon as you have your car. However, extraneous circumstances can deteriorate a fuel injector. Pollution can impair the performance of injectors with water, dirt, and debris. Cheaper gasoline and oil can also contaminate your injector and result in a shortened lifespan.

Purchase high quality fuels to avoid grimy buildups. Change your fuel filters at shorter intervals to prevent common debris clogging up your injectors. 

How Can I Tell That My Fuel Injector Is Not Working? 

Dirty, malfunctioning fuel injectors will cause detonation and preignition. Spontaneous combustion from air or fuel burning cycles from detonation can break engine components. Also, pistons may be damaged from unstable pressure from engine parts.  

Preignition causes air and fuel combustion before spark plugs engage. The overheated spark plugs can cause damage to your pistons and a dangerous engine temperature. Prevent engine failure and broken pistons and get your fuel injector replaced immediately if these symptoms occur. 

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