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Learn More About Replacement Shocks and Struts for Your Ford Vehicle

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What are Shocks?

A shock is made up of three parts: a piston rod, piston, and base value. Similar to an oil pump, shock absorbers regulate vehicle suspension. As your car is suspended, hydraulic fluid works inside the piston to slow down the spring and force. Shocks are crucial to protect your vehicle from road conditions and reduce the bounce, roll, and brake dive of a car.

What are Struts?

A strut is part of your suspension system and consists of a coil spring, strut housing, upper ball joint, and a damping unit. Struts work similarly to shock absorbers and damping pressure. It works in conjunction to the velocity of the car’s bounce. Struts also have a second duty and maintain structural support of vehicle suspension. It supports the springs and holds the tire in proper position.

When Should I Replace My Shocks or Struts?

There are many signs that you and your auto technician can identify that it’s time to replace your struts. You may start to notice your car is stiff and noisy when steering or your vehicle is particularly bouncy when you go over shallow hills. Examine under your car. If you notice fluid has leaked onto your struts or there are broken and corroded mounts or bushings, it’s probably time for replacement struts and shocks.

A few other symptoms will be in your car’s performance. You will notice instability when you brake and your car may sway or lean when you shift lanes. Typically, shocks and struts need to be replaced around every 50,000 miles. 

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