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Learn more about starters and when your car is telling you its time for a replacement. 

What Is A Car Starter?

An electric automobile starter is an essential part for starting your vehicle. The pre-engaged starter is a collection of several parts: a solenoid, commutator, field windings, pinion, and actuating arm. A starter is mounted toward the back of an engine and draws current from the battery to start your engine.

solenoid handles the high current pushed from the battery and turns on an electromagnet to engage the circuits. When you turn your key in the ignition, current is feed to the solenoid. Once your car is ignited, the return spring safely turns your starter switch off.

What Is A Bendix Gear?

The starter motor also has a part that works in conjunction with the starter. The Bendix gear is a modern edition to motor vehicles and uses a gear and the freewheel to disengage the pinion gear from a flywheel. Once the engine picks up ideal speed, the Bendix gear safely disengages and your vehicle should properly run.

When Is It Time to Replace My Car Starter?

Many people assume if their vehicle isn’t starting, there is an issue with the battery. If you check your battery and everything looks fine, you most likely have an issue with your starter.

You may hear a grinding noise from a worn our starter drive gear. Don’t sit on this issue or else your engine flywheel may also get damaged. Another common issue is when you crank the engine and hear a whining noise. This is a symptom of freewheeling and indicates that your starter gear is not properly working with your flywheel.

Other starter warning symptoms include: smoking engine from too much electricity supplied to the starter, an oil soaked starter, or a malfunctioning solenoid. 

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