How to Keep Your Ford Looking New?

There is nothing better than driving a Ford that looks new and shiny all the time. A new Ford is loved by many. Unfortunately, that “brand new” look can’t last forever. After a few years, you might find that your vehicle’s paint job has faded and it has lost that shine.

However, there are some precautions and steps that can help you keep that vibrant, shiny color on your Ford for quite some time. So, in this post, we’ll talk about things you can do to keep your Ford looking new over the long haul.

Beware of the Paint’s Enemies

Your car’s paint it like its skin. We use sunscreen to protect our skin. Similarly, the paint also needs protection. When we’re in the sun, our pores expand. Similarly, the pores in a vehicle’s paint expand from heat, allowing moisture and dirt to be absorbed.

You might park your car under a tree to protect it from the harmful sun rays, but it won’t do you any good as you’ll only expose your Ford to another threat – bird droppings. These are extremely accident and can erode your vehicle’s paint. Another problem with parking your Ford under the shade of a tree is the probability of tree sap falling on your car. This not only traps grime and dirt, but can be absorbed by the surface of the paint when sun rays hit your vehicle, leaving behind unsightly stains.

Dead insects on your Ford can leave behind stick residue that’s very hard to remove if it is allowed to stay there for long. Likewise, ash can create a damaging alkali solution – when combined with water – and ruin your Ford’s pain.

You may be surprised to know that the air we breathe contains particles that aren’t just harmful to human beings but to the vehicle’s paint finish. This air includes harmful by-products from manufacturing, construction, and vehicle emissions.

Car wash waxes and soaps are formulated to protect the paint job of your Ford and keep it shinning for longer. If your use any other abrasive product for cleaning your vehicle or removing stains, it could have exactly the opposite impact.

So, you need to avoid all these hazards to maintain that paint finish for a long time. In addition to avoiding these hazards, what more can you do to ensure that your Ford looks shiny and new?

Focus on the Interior

If you want to keep your Ford looking new, it’s essential that you focus on the interior just as much your care about the exterior. Pay particular attention to the seating surface as abrasive particulates are more likely to collect here and damage your Ford over time. Wipe this dust and debris away before it gets a chance to ruin your vehicle’s cabin.

Protect Your Ford from Rust

If salt is used on your area’s roads during winter, your car could suffer from rust damage. Consider rustproofing your Ford. Undercoating and rustproofing is offered by several local shops and it isn’t too expensive. Modern Fords are better protected, but the moisture and salt are still damaging to the undercarriage.

Clean the Windows

When cleaning the windows of your Ford, it easy to tell the side that’s streaked and requires more attention. Experts recommend cleaning the window glass with a microfiber towel. It’s best to fold the towel into quarters and then spray the cleaner on a small area. Next, clean the glass to get rid of the dirt and use the side of the towel to finish cleaning.  

Care for the Paint Job

Rinse and wash off dirt – don’t wait for days to get if off of your Ford. Buy car soap for cleaning and don’t use detergent. Make sure the cloth and sponge you’re using are soft and clean. Concentrate on a single section of your Ford at a time. Use light, long strokes to wash the dirt.

It’s best to clean the vehicle using two buckets. One should be filed with soap water while the other one should have clean water. First, get rid of dirt and grit from the sponge by dipping it into clean water and then dip sponge into soap water before cleaning your Ford.

When you’re drying off your Ford, don’t wipe. Blot instead to ensure that you don’t end up scratching your vehicle and causing more harm.

Waxing is next step of the process. It protects your Ford’s paint and also takes care of small scratches and stone chips. It requires some hard work but waxing is worth it. It creates a firm protective film to prevent damage from pollutants and lessens harmful effects of the sun. That way your Ford looks clean for longer.

The paint isn’t just there to make your Ford look more appealing. It has an important function – to protect your Ford’s metal body against rust, corrosion and deterioration. Thus, by keeping the paint clean, you can keep your Ford looking attractive, sparkling and new for a long time.

By doing everything listed above, you can keep your Ford looking new for longer. Protect your Ford’s paint coat from the elements and rust, keep the interior clean, clean the windows with a towel and take care of your Ford’s paint job to ensure that it looks new for a long time.

If you want to enhance your Ford’s look even more, use some accessories for lighting, windows, etc. You can buy accessories and other Ford parts from the Ford Parts Center.