Whether you’re driving to and from the work place or going out on a road trip with your friends, your Ford’s air conditioner is a luxury that is mostly taken for granted. The magic little button that reads A/C can turn the Sahara into Siberia, however using your air conditioning unit excessively can reduce fuel efficiency. So, how can you stay cool without using extra fuel?

We’ll share ways and offer tips to help you make your Ford air conditioner run more efficiently so that you stay cool this summer without utilizing extra fuel! But, first let us show you a few unique features of Ford’s air conditioner.

Ford Air Conditioning Features

Do you know that there is a variable displacement compressor feature in many new Ford vehicles that allows the air conditioner to run more consistently and efficiently? This system can control the cool air coming out of the vents and thus, only the amount of cool air that’s required to keep your car cool is used. This results  in less fuel consumption and reduces the load on your Ford’s engine.

The cooling capacity of your Ford is equal to a small sized home air conditioner. On a sunny day, it can cool your vehicle down within 15 minutes to provide a comfortable environment.

The air conditioning unit of your Ford is smart. While running in auto mode, sensors are used by the air conditioning system to figure out the optimal operating requirements for maintaining the best comfort level. For example, there is one sensor that allows the system to determine where the sun’s rays are shining the strongest on your Ford, and output temperatures are adjusted accordingly. If your front window is receiving the most heat from the sun, the output of the cool air is adjusted to be stronger on that side. This offsets the additional heat from the sun and allows the air conditioner to maintain a more comfortable environment.

The air conditioning systems of Ford are more efficient because a limited reheating strategy is used by them to provide a comfortable environment. Previously, the systems used in Ford processed air above freezing point, then reheated it to achieve the required temperature. However, in the new systems, air is cooled down to below the required temperature, and then it is slightly reheated. As a result, the energy required to operate the system is reduced and the efficiency of fuel increases.

Tips to Improve Fuel Efficiency

1. Lower the Windows

Before going anywhere in your Ford vehicle, lower all the windows and let in air from the outside. When you open your Ford’s windows, cool breeze will enter the car and the hot air trapped inside your vehicle will escape so your air conditioner won’t have to work extra hard to cool the vehicle down.

2. Don’t Turn the Air Conditioner On Right Away

Once you are on the road, don’t turn the air conditioner of your Ford on right away. The A/C delivers cold air better when you are driving at a good speed.

3. Use Shades

Always park your Ford vehicle in the shade or use a windshield shade to reduce the buildup of heat in your parked car. If your car is parked in shade, the cabin temperature won’t be extremely high and you’ll be able to achieve a comfort level much sooner.

4. Adjust Temperature

Don’t switch the A/C unit of your Ford off and on again and again if you are getting cold. The A/C system will have to work extra hard if you consistently switch it off and it won’t be able to maintain a consistent temperature. You should alternatively adjust the fan speed or temperature to keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

5. Keep Your A/C Lubricated

If you haven’t used your Ford’s air conditioner in a while, turn it on for 2 to 4 minutes. You won’t be using your Ford’s air conditioning in winter, so it’s important that you turn it on at least once in a month. This keeps the air conditioning unit of your Ford lubricated and improves its service life.

6. Dry Out Your A/C

You should also dry out your air conditioning system just to keep it smelling fresh and free from bacteria. In order to dry out your Ford’s A/C, turn it off, but keep the fan blowing for about 3 to 6 minutes before you arrive at your destination.

7. Don’t Worry too Much if A/C isn’t Cooling Properly

If the air conditioning unit of your Ford vehicle suddenly stops blowing cold air, don’t worry about it. It is probably something like a low refrigerant or dirty air filter that can be easily fixed. After several years of operation, some refrigerant can escape from your Ford’s air conditioning system and when this happens, your A/C unit will not be able to operate effectively. The remaining refrigerant must be removed in this case and a proper amount of refrigerant should be added.

You should schedule an air conditioning check up every year to ensure that your Ford’s air conditioning system is operating perfectly and there isn’t any issue that can degrade its performance. If you have any issues in your Ford’s air conditioning unit. You can Order OEM Ford Air Conditioning Parts for All Ford Models here.