What Parts Are Crucial to Getting Your Vehicle Ready for the Winter

What Parts Are Crucial to Getting Your Vehicle Ready for the Winter?

Everyone loves when winter comes around to celebrate the holidays with their families and enjoy spirited tradition. Although many love to possibly play in the snow or dress up in their favorite festive holiday clothes, winter can be a dangerous time to drive your car. 

The drop-in temperatures can lead to some hazardous driving conditions. To safely navigate through the winter months, you want to make sure your car is in full working order. Also, there are some integral parts you want to make sure are working properly before you hit the roads. 

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Before the temperatures really start to drop, make sure your car is ready for the weather. Here are three parts you need to check before you drive on icy roads and in snow flurries. 

Car Battery

Both extreme hot or cold temperatures are tough on car batteries. Frigid temperatures make it tough for batteries to push out the amperage to start a vehicle. When you’re dealing with colder temperatures, motor oil gets thicker and can cause the engine to have trouble turning over. Also, the increased use of headlights and windshield wipers can put additional strain on your battery. 

Make sure to get your battery tested by your auto technician for any concerns.

Replace Old Antifreeze in Your Cooling System

Antifreeze is a mixture of glycol and water. It will help prevent vital liquids from freezing during the cold driving conditions. It brings heat away from your engine while preventing rust and corrosion. We recommend you replace old antifreeze sooner rather than later, because old antifreeze will increase the chances of debris clogging your cooling system. 

Braking System

The winter months create a more hazardous environment for drivers. When you apply pressure to your brakes, you have less traction on the road and therefore less braking power. You will have less stopping power, so you need to make sure your brakes are in as good of a condition as possible. 

The drop-in temperature will also affect your braking fluids, which can damage your rotors and prevent proper lubrication to your brakes. Get a proper inspection before the cold weather hits. A fresh pair of brake padsrotors, or drums can do wonders for your braking performance in the winter. 

Ford All-Weather Floor Mats

Take care of your Ford vehicle's floor pans and carpet with our All-Weather Floor Mats. Designed to take a beating and still look great these mats are mostly impervious to snow, debris, sand and more. They keep your carpet and floor pans clean and protected. Winter can be tough that's why our OEM Floor Mats are made tougher.

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