Why Buy OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

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If you are a car or truck owner, we are sure at some point you’ve had to replace a part in your car. Whether you needed new brake pads, a timing belt, spark plugs, or any other replacement part, you had to choose from either original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts. 

Although many people want to save money on aftermarket parts, we recommend you purchase OEM parts. Don’t worry, with Ford Parts Center, you will still save big at checkout. We have the largest inventory of genuine OEM Ford Parts for your Ford vehicle. We cut out the middleman and offer customers the same great wholesale prices as dealerships. We ship across the country and can get you the part you need at a fraction of the price. We deliver to the Southeast areas like Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Daytona, Naples, Tampa, New Orleans and more within a day or two. We deliver to Chicago Illinois, Houston Texas, Los Angelas California, Washington State, Portland Oregon, Maine and points in between within 3 days normally. Most in stock Ford Parts ship same day.

Learn why you should buy OEM rather than aftermarket parts. Find the exact part you need and search by your VIN for a perfect fit!

Why Are OEM Parts Better Than Aftermarket Car Parts?

OEM Ford parts are the preferred replacement parts you need for your car because they are made by the vehicle’s manufacturer. They are the same parts that are put in your vehicle when it rolls off the assembly line, so they are made specifically for your car. Aftermarket parts, however, are not sold from your car’s maker. 

OEM parts provide a better foundation for quality, because they are utilized specifically for your car. Therefore, if it’s an OEM part, you don’t have to waste time researching or picking from a variety of unknown brands when you need a part. Most OEM parts also come with a warranty. All our parts at Ford Parts Center are backed by a Factory Ford Motorcraft warranty. Ask your auto repair technician for more information about a specific part. 

Why Do Some People Prefer Aftermarket Parts?

Many auto enthusiasts prefer to purchase aftermarket parts for specific performance enhancements in their sports car or off-road vehicle. They spend time to review dozens of different aftermarket brands to pick a part to serve a function above the normal standards of a manufactured vehicle. 

However, if you are not a savvy auto enthusiast, it is hard to determine which brand is reliable. Due to the overwhelming selection, many drivers are simply guessing whether they are buying a reliable part and their purchase most likely will not come with any kind of warranty. 

Shop with Ford Parts Center for peace of mind and a guaranteed quality product. Not only will you save with wholesale pricing, but the parts you find are guaranteed to be manufacturer approved and a perfect fit. 

Find Genuine OEM Ford Parts Online

We have the widest selection of OEM replacement parts, so everyone can find the exact part they need. Search our wide selection, including:

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